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What is Love Clean London?

Love Clean London is a ‘call to arms’ for Londoners in the run-up to 2012 and beyond. Love Clean London makes it easier for Londoners to report environmental crimes, receive feedback from London boroughs on progress and save London boroughs money.

How it works

You send in your report using our free mobile apps, a text or picture message, or using this web site. The Local Authority will deal with your report and you can be kept informed of progress using this web site, or we will send you a message when it's complete. Find out more...

How to make a report

Simply go to Add a Report and sign in. Select a location on the map, add a picture (if you have one), give us a few details and upload

Add a Report

Just send a Text or Picture Message to 07725 202020 with LCS-LCL in the subject field or the first part of the message

Download our free apps

You can download our free Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry app from the app store or marketplace on your phone.